White slave girls in lesbian prison are punished and coerced into sex

Women in Prison Movies: By Bound Heat

Here is the scoop. Slave traders capture young women to be sold into white slavery. These lovely ladies are bought by an evil Mistress who runs a lesbian chattel prison. In most scenes one or more of the girls are locked up in cages until the Mistress decides to use them for pleasure. Pleasuring involves kissing, pussy licking and foot worship amongst other sapphic things. If the girls resist their captors, they are often flogged, whipped, cropped and spanked until they agree to co-operate.

The movies come in DVD format and can be bought or rented for a reasonable price. You can enjoy one or all the movies in each series. These awesome movies can also be downloaded to watch right now on your computer.

Look below for some pictures and see for yourself the incredible historic scenery and dark wild lesbian porn

Women In Prison pictures from the series Slave Tears Of Rome

Captured woman sold into slavery

Slaver Mistress enjoys strap-on sex

Prison slave labour

Ass brand for new slave girl

Slave girl lesbian sex

Three slaves help Mistress bath

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Women In Prison pictures from the series Sold at Dawn

Mistress orders two slaves to lick her cunt

Lesbian tit licking

Mistress puts oil on slave girls ass

Brunette slave gets a taste of the whip

Slave girl lesbian sex

Whipped slave girl handcuffed to her cot
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Women In Prison pictures from the series Slave Huntress

Woman captured by slave huntress
Kissing slaves whipped by jealous slave

New slave girls bound and chained

New slaves are cleaned

Huntress trains new slave

Huntress enjoys some slave tongue
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